Account Based Marketing

Account Based Marketing

Targeted High Value Accounts

With an Account Based Marketing strategy, we customize our pitch to specific buyers, and identify high-value prospects at specific companies. Marketing has always been about delivering the right message to the right person at the right time. With an ABM approach, we allow for all three of these things to happen on a regular schedule and deliver qualified leads.

Why Account Based Marketing

84% B2B marketers say ABM report that account-based marketing yields by far the greatest ROI out of all the different marketing approaches out there.

  • 1

    Better ROI

    Marketers all over the world have reported 4X Better ROI with ABM

  • 2


    Outreach efforts are much more symbiotic and educated in targeting

  • 3

    Sales Enabled

    Leads that come out of an ABM effort are much more Sales Enabled

Insights That Matter

ABM gives actionable insights to help both Sales and Marketing personalize engagement

Better Reach

ABM helps you reach your audience the right way who fit better into your buyer criteria

Efficient Initiation

ABM initiates tailor made account engagement to build awareness & influence decisions

QA Process

Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of intelligent effort.

  • Linkedin QA Check :

    The prospect should have 100+ connections or working with the same company for more than 5 yrs. Profile is verified on google or other publicly available sources.

  • Email Validation :

    Emails are validated using tools such as Never bounce and Xverify. These are only for successful leads. This report is shared with the QA and email marketing team.

  • Asset Delivery :

    The email marketing team would then send out the assets to the leads. We use Sendgrid, Mail Chimp & Zoho. The delivery report is shared with the QA team.

  • Project Manager Review :

    Project Manager double checks all the information captured against the campaign parameters along with checking the Sendgrid and email validation tool report.


Our Delivery Mechanisms

Through APIs

Leads can be submitted through the API Link provided by the client. The leads are imported individually or collectively in a archived file.

Through any Cloud

Lead reports can be shared on cloud platforms between the client and vendor. With time we have engaged on multiple such cloud plaforms.

Manual sharing of .csv files via mail

We also share regular daily or weekly lead sheets (.csv) as per the reporting format as per the client

Through any client delivery portal

We can upload leads on any client lead portals. Every step from assigning campaigns to uploading of Data Sheets with remarks.

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