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Better Engagement

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We use a fusion of leading-edge marketing and sales automation and analytics tools, all supported by a team of global specialists, for data-driven demand. Webinars will find their place in the middle-of-the-funnel layer.

Once you have attracted your website visitors with the top-of-the-funnel content, e.g. articles, info-graphics or shorter videos, thats when you are ready to go with webinars. We make sure to personally reach out to your invitees and registrants, to ensure high participation rates and higher ROI for your events to help you earn the trust of new customers and nurture existing relationships.

What we do

73% of B2B marketers say a webinar is the best way to generate high-quality leads.

  • 1

    Geo Tagging

    Our efforts are hyper-targeted to make sure you get event leads in your specific targeted geographies.

  • 2

    Maximum Live Engagement

    We make sure that you get actually interested and engaged entries for your event.

  • 3

    D-Day Reminders

    On the day of the event, our executives make sure that all interested prospects get reminders to join.

QA Process

Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of intelligent effort.

  • Prospect Digital Identity :

    Our team of marketing experts verify all the leads by making sure they have a concrete online presence verification. With LinkedIn we also use other verified sources.

  • Email Validation :

    Emails are validated using tools such as Never bounce and Xverify. These are only for successful leads. This report is shared with the QA and email marketing team.

  • Asset Delivery :

    The email marketing team would then send out the assets to the leads. We use Sendgrid, Mail Chimp & Zoho. The delivery report is shared with the QA team.

  • Project Manager Review :

    Project Manager double checks all the information captured against the campaign parameters along with checking the Sendgrid and email validation tool report.


Our Delivery Mechanisms

Through APIs

Leads can be submitted through the API Link provided by the client. The leads are imported individually or collectively in a archived file.

Through any Cloud

Lead reports can be shared on cloud platforms between the client and vendor. With time we have engaged on multiple such cloud plaforms.

Manual sharing of .csv files via mail

We also share regular daily or weekly lead sheets (.csv) as per the reporting format as per the client

Through any client delivery portal

We can upload leads on any client lead portals. Every step from assigning campaigns to uploading of Data Sheets with remarks.

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