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Experience you can trust, service you can count on.

We at Adorn Media

have our fingers on the pulse of the Technology landscape. We live and breathe Sales. With the onset of remote working post the pandemic era, it's become more and more challenging to reach out to your customer base in a non-intrusive manner. That's where we come in.

We offer end-to-end service capabilities of Full Funnel Lead Generation along with a host of Data and Account-Based Marketing services. Every client is unique. Our tailored approach ensures a non-generic scale to every campaign.



Our actions are guided by ethics and two generations worth of principles.


Tech marketing has evolved, so have we. We are on top of all advancements in this field.


Our commitment is not only regarding project completion, but also delivering top of the line solutions.


We take our QA very seriously. Our promise of unmatched quality is what keeps our clientele strong and constant.

Our Process

Engagement & Delivery

  • 1


    Once the campaign is Live, our campaign managers start with creating the outreach and delivery plan with the SOW in mind. All our campaigns are planned.

  • 2


    Our delivery managers create a fluid process, which is bound for continuous improvement, agile and result-oriented.

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    With the start of the campaign comes great responsibility of making sure that the law of averages stays relevant. No number is too high, and there is no resting on our laurels.

  • 4


    We always plan for the best while also taking care of all contingencies. We always set up our teams to deliver an extra buffer of leads
    to be safer.

  • 5


    With time, we have worked with and integrated with a ton of CRMs. Our internal ops are set up for daily reporting and training. The same is extended to our clients in case they opt in for it.

Our Delivery Mechanisms

Through APIs

Leads can be submitted through the API Link provided by the client. The leads are imported individually or collectively in a archived file.

Through any Cloud

Lead reports can be shared on cloud platforms between the client and vendor. With time we have engaged on multiple such cloud plaforms.

Manual sharing of .csv files via mail

We also share regular daily or weekly lead sheets (.csv) as per the reporting format as per the client

Through any client delivery portal

We can upload leads on any client lead portals. Every step from assigning campaigns to uploading of Data Sheets with remarks.

We Build Value

We will help you to achieve your goals and to grow your business

Why Us?

From Strategy To Reporting

We design our campaigns to scale. Most of our efforts are result-oriented. All our efforts are guided by analytical and data-backed outreach mechanisms. We feel that our love for media is based on an unrelenting passion to stay ahead of the curve. This is what translates into our demand generation campaigns. Hard work, dedication, and sustainable results.

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