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How does Adorn-Media utilise cookies and other tracking technologies?

On Sep 30, 2023, this cookie statement was last revised.


Cookies and other related technologies are used on our website, https://Adorn-media

(hereinafter: “the website”). For convenience, all such technologies are

referred to as “cookies.” Additionally, third parties that we have hired also

use cookies. We provide information about how cookies are used on our website

in the document below.

Which cookie varieties are there?

Some cookies are always enabled when you visit us and cannot be disabled

unless your browser settings are changed. These are the “strictly essential

cookies,” we say. They help us ensure that our digital services function

properly and correspond to the wants and demands of our target audiences.

Additionally, in order to enhance your experience, we utilise functional,

performance, and advertising cookies. You can always change your mind and turn

them on or off whenever you choose. If you permit, we will only utilise them.

Describe cookies

Cookies are text files that are delivered along with web pages from this

website and saved on your computer’s or another device’s hard drive by your

browser. During a later visit, the data saved there may be sent back to our

servers or the systems of the pertinent third parties.

Describe scripts

A script is a piece of computer code that is used to create an interactive

and functional website. Either our server or your device runs this code.

Describe a web beacon

A web beacon (also known as a pixel tag) is a tiny, indiscernible element of

text or an image used to track website traffic. Web beacons are used in this

process to store various pieces of information about you.


No outside parties receive access to this data.

Activating, deactivating, and removing cookies  

You may manually or automatically erase cookies using your web browser.

Additionally, you may define which cookies cannot be put. Another choice is to

modify your internet browser’s settings so that you are informed each time a

cookie is put. Please see the instructions in your browser’s Help section for

additional details on these options.

Please be aware that if all cookies are deactivated, our website might not

function correctly. The cookies will be placed again with your permission when

you visit our websites after you delete them from your browser.

Do cookies survive long?

Some are removed from your website or app when the browser is closed. Others

are stored to your device so that they are there when you return and last

longer, perhaps indefinitely.

Why do we utilise tracking technologies like cookies?

to carry out many actions:

• to save information on you so you won’t need to re-enter it.

• to maintain your signed-in status across several devices

• to assist us in bettering our offerings by enabling us to comprehend how

customers use them.

• to help us customise our website for you by remembering your choices and

settings; • to serve advertising to websites, including websites outside of the


• to determine whether you have read our emails and whether you found them


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